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We're Team Versed. We empower anyone to create their own role-playing video game.

Our team has a background at Google and Unity. We're supported by experienced investors and operators in both the game and tech industry.

We're fully remote and welcome applications from people based anywhere in Europe. Our team currently has staff in Edinburgh, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen.

We're a startup who's culture is based on accepting change, being agile, operating remotely, staying mindful, showing empathy, and embracing diversity. We're open to applications from anyone with this mindset.

We offer:

Competitive salaries exceeding market standards

Meaningful equity as stock options for every employee

Comprehensive healthcare support based on your location

Flexible work arrangements that fit your own personal schedule

Education and equipment budget for conferences or tools you need

Quarterly team meetups to build relationships in real life

Lead Artist / Art Director

As a member of our founding team, you’ll lead the art direction and styles for Versed.


You will work with our team to establish the art direction for Versed. We’re starting with stylised low-poly in a fantasy theme, and plan to add many more themes in the future such as sci-fi, retro, etc.

For each theme and style we’ll need to create a library of 3D assets our creators can use in their stories. This library will be combined and reused in a variety of ways, so a strong knowledge of procedural generation and modular assets is essential.

Later we’ll add AI processes, trained on our asset library, to generate bespoke assets when needed for the creators’ stories. An interest in AI and excitement to work with cutting edge technologies as they emerge is key to this role. We’ll always have an art team making our core reusable assets. All AI used at Versed will be trained ethically and respect the rights of artists.


You have experience with:

Leading art direction for one or more games built in Unity

Creating concept art & sketches

Creating 3D assets (characters, environments etc.) from modeling to rigging, texturing, and animation.

Creating 2D UI design and assets

Setting asset budgets and standards for cross platform delivery and performance (mobile, desktop and console)

Designing procedural generation and modular assets

Optionally, you might also have experience with:

Working on 3D mobile games

Displaying technical art skills (shaders, VFX)

Experimenting with AI art tools such as Stable Diffusion or Midjourney

AI/ML Engineer

With the support of our engineering and art team, you'll get to design our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems from scratch.


Develop & refine our LLM tooling

Analyze existing approaches for 3D asset generation (meshes, texturing, animation) and either refine our existing prototypes or research a better solution! Our 3D asset generation is trained on our own assets so we can generate bespoke items for our creators at scale. This will require you to work closely with our lead artist and lead engineer to ensure the assets work well within Unity.

Work with our development team to integrate these generative systems into the creator workflow in an optimized manner.


Working with LLMs

Image or asset generation (eg text-to-2D, custom Stable Diffusion models, point clouds, depth map generation)

Bonus: A strong degree or research experience in AI/ML

While not required, experience in a games studio or startup environment will help your application stand out.

Open roles:

Lead Backend Developer

This is our first backend engineer hire, which means you'll help design and build our systems from the ground up. It's an exciting opportunity to be the architect of an entirely unique stack.


Design and develop systems for storing and delivering game data and content in Unity

Design and develop our player and creator accounts systems

Design and develop a system for purchasing content

Help run and scale our AI processes


Working at a games studio on features such as multiplayer systems, user accounts and/or content management systems.

Building payment processing systems

Scaling secure systems

AWS, PostgreSQL, TypeScript and/or Go, Terraform, and Docker

Open Application

Can't find the role for you? Tell us why you'd like to join anyway. Share what you think you can contribute and how you look at the future with Versed in it.

We want to build our company around people and their passions, not around roles. If you're senior, junior, or anything in between, don't hesitate to get in touch.